Scarecrows didn’t win,but still good news!



Photo by Jamie Gumbrecht

My Beatles Scarecrows did not win the contest, and truthfully, I wonder if they had been arranged the way I had asked(on a little card tied to each scarecrow), if they would have made a better presentation. But, even when I voiced my distress to the person in charge of the scarecrows at the  Atlanta Botanical Gardens, she said although there was no way to perfectly arrange the over 100 scarecrows in perfect execution, mine looked “fabulous” and I shouldn’t worry about them. Really,the root of my frustration was Paul being in the middle.

But on the bright side, the Boys were mentioned in an article for Access Atlanta by Jamie Gumbrecht! Thanks, Jamie!

Geez, I hope John’s pants stay up….


Here’s how they looked right before I put on their ties and added a few bits of decor to their guitars. This was also the pic I put on a  tag on each scarecrow, with a note saying,”Please arrange us in this order”. John’s pants fell down shortly after this was taken!


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