Beatles Scarecrows hanging in there…



I found this pic in someone’s blog. I think it’s about a week old, and the person listed them as The Blues Brothers.

They’re deflating here and there–they’ve put up with some heavy,heavy rain. I think George is holding up the best with Ringo a close second. John’s guitar has failed miserably, but otherwise he looks pretty good.I still want to do this contest next year, and I might even recycle these guys and make them better. I’ve learned what to do next year:

1) Use the biggest sign possible saying “please arrange us in this order”, maybe just on one of them.

2)  The fabric heads are holding up well for the most part, but need a little more stability. Paul is getting a little mushy. More or firmer stuffing.

3) Prepare their hair separately instead of building up their hair on their heads. There’s a lot of their hair that is individual chunks glued on, and I can tell that after a heavy rain, these are separating.

4) Make the guitars stronger.

All in all, they seem to be surviving pretty well, and everyone’s pants are staying up!


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