Scary demonic….zebra?


There’s a freaky demonish sound you hear in Michael Jackson’s song “Thriller”, just after the line,

They’re out to get you,demons closin’ in on every side.

Well,I am 99% certain that demon is a zebra. Perhaps distorted a bit, maybe even sped up. But a zebra nonetheless.:)


If you don’t believe me, go here.

My other 1% guess would be a loon, but I would think the sound a loon makes would be  more well-known to the general public than a zebra’s voice, which makes me lean more toward zebra.


One comment

  1. Considering it’s Michael Jackson, a zebra isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Didn’t he already have a zoo established by that time? (My memories of those days are a little fuzzy. I was still a wee thing.)

    Even if he didn’t have the menagerie at that time, it’s still cool. Thriller zebra!

    (Mental visual: Zebra in a red zipper jacket doing the zombie dance.)

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