Beatles Scarecrows Report!


Well, Steve and I finally went up to the Botanical Gardens to see how The Boys were doing. Fortunately, I knew what I was in store for since I’ve seen several photos online.


Considering what they’ve suffered, they look pretty good. We have had torrential downpours and flooding here, and I’m sure once their clothing gets wet, they begin to sag and flop. I think rough handling or their placement on the path might have played a part in their condition as well.


The four of them are almost right on the path, as in, you might knock into them as you walk by. Add to that that they are in the children’s garden area (which, I think Steve said, was a good choice since the more “fun” entries were all in that area anyway) and you have the situation of what little kids love to do—pull the pants off non-moving things that have pants. I had planned ahead for this, and the scarecrows all have multiple rounds of fishing line suspenders connecting their pants to their shoulders. They look like they’ve been roughed up a bit by the kidlets, like they’ve really given it the college try trying to pull those pants down. HAha! Foiled you!

I was not prepared for the mangled mess that was John. Poor guy, it looked as if he were picked up by his head (which I had put on signs on them to not do) and his legs came loose from his body. Maybe I didn’t glue them in strongly enough; I have no idea. But he fell over and was picked up by me no less than ten times during his construction, and his legs never came off. Who knows what happened? Anyway, the wrong legs had been re-attached–his legs were now on backwards, as you could tell by his shoes. Fortunately, since The Beatles  were so easily accessible on the path, Steve and I were able to carefully fix John back without stepping on any foliage. We tidied up the others–Paul looked as if he had been on his face at some point in time, as he had mud on his pants and jacket. Also, somehow Paul is bent over, but he looked fine, so we left him alone.


Ringo and George looked remarkably good. Yay for Economy Class Beatles for once! You can see the adorable  little sign next to George’s feet.


Isn’t it great? What was extra-neat was that people would see my display, exclaim, “Oh, look, it’s The Beatles!”. Then they’d see the sign, and start singing “I Want to Scare Your Crows”, and I would smile every time. Even while Steve and I struggled to fix John, people kept taking photos of them. Occasionally they would say, “I can’t get them all in the photo. Oh, look—we can go back there.”


To get a good shot of  all four of them you definitely have to go on the next path. Two other people joined me as I took this photo–that was a good feeling.

So although I still look on them with the critical “artists’ eye”, and I was at the mercy of someone else setting up my display, I have to take Steve’s advice. He said, “You really should be proud of them–look how many people are taking photos of them, just in the short time we’ve been here.” I love my husband.

Steve also pointed out as we looked at other scarecrows–what materials were working, what weren’t, etc. And the themes–some folks had some very esoteric themes going on that left you scratching your head, while some were hysterical, and some were very thought-provoking.

All in all,I had a learning experience today, seeing the work of others, as well as seeing how my own stuff is faring. It was a good day.I’m already planning for next year. 🙂


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