Great Netherworld Video!


This is a very descriptive video just posted on YouTube about Netherworld. I have no idea when it was filmed or if I was working that night or not, but I recognize a lot of my new friends! I’m pretty sure that’s Ben Armstrong,co-founder, narrating.

You can briefly see Mega Mouth at 2:43!

…and some pics:


Here’s my friend Derek, wrangling The Reaper!


Derek, me, and Ethan–we were all puppeteers the night this was taken!


One comment

  1. I am speechless – ahhhh this looks like so much fun to do and so much fun to be in!!!!

    When I was in High School I did a nice haunted house in someone’s 19th century mansion – behind a wall I’d flick on a light under my face and scream, and since I could only be seen through a cutout covered in black/purple plastic, I’d come out of nowhere as people came by. I was completely hoarse the next day, but watching people be scared and laugh at themselves was so much fun.

    Mega Mouth looks completely freaky even in that brief clip!

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