We’ll Miss You, Bubbie.

Soupy Sales Show

Soupy Sales, one of my heroes and one of America’s great slapstick geniuses, has died at age 83. He is survived by his wife, Trudy, and two sons, Hunt and Tony.

I can remember turning on The Soupy Sales Show as a kid and my mother rolling her eyes and calling him”that silly man”, and telling me to watch something else( All the more reason for me to turn it back on once she had left the room). So my early education on Soupy was a spotty one. My husband and I got our mitts on some Soupy DVD’s a while back (as well as copies of The Uncle Floyd Show) and thus began my re-aquaintance with Soupy, White Fang, Black Tooth, and Pookie.

I had hoped to meet this talented man before he left us.  Now he’s gone to that Great Pie in the Sky.
We’ll miss you, Bubbie. Keep ’em laughing.


  1. Awww this makes me want to learn more about Soupy – I’ve always known his name but not his actual act. I love how parents can roll their eyes about a silly show and not realize it’s going to become the passion and sometimes bread-and-butter of their children when they grow up. Inspiration comes in all forms…

    Sorry to hear about your personal loss in connecting to him – I’ll see if I can’t find some DVD’s of his on Netflix and introduce myself 😀

  2. My late father was a proud member of the Birdbath Club. Now, they’re together. I know my father has a smile on his face today joking around with one of his childhood heroes. Thanks for the laughs! (From a junior Birdbath from Detroit.)

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