First Prize Costumes!


Last night Steve and I attended a party given by the SPCA ( Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) that had a costume contest. We showed up in our Ghostbusters gear and quickly became the belles of the ball.

We won “Best Costumes”, landing ourselves a $100 gift certificate to our choice of several nice restaurants in town.Β  We now both have proton packs, so I wore mine instead of taking Vapor, but he was out in the car….


Since everyone was so nice to us with all the compliments on our costumes, I exchanged my proton pack for Vapor, and proceeded to entertain the crowd. Out on the dance floor, Vapor was quite a hit with the ladies. I think I now know how Frank Oz felt, dealing with Miss Piggy and men. It’s a funny thing. I feel quite comfortable performing male characters, but women flock to Vapor now, and so I sort of have to think like a gets complicated.


Steve had the floor to himself for a brief moment and I caught him striking a pose.


One of the very creative centerpieces at the dining tables.


The food was fantastic. Here Steve enjoys chili wth rice, apricot squash, cornbread and cauliflower.


Vapor on the dance floor. When “Thriller” was played, I had him pantomime to Vincent Price’s portion of the song, and the crowd went nuts. I very theatrically played to the whole audience, whirling him around the room.


He made a lot of new friends. And no one made fun of his teeth! πŸ˜€


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