The Ghastly Dreadfuls at The Center for Puppetry Arts!


OH, to be able to work with this multi-talented crew and especially under its creator, Jon Ludwig. Jon has been a hero of mine since I saw one of his first works at The Center for Puppetry Arts when I was a teenager.

The Ghastly Dreadfuls transplants the audience into a graveyard at midnight, where seven spirits, each with a distinct personality, arrive to greet and entertain–some by playing instruments, while others dance and sing. Some are the puppeteers, and they truly are masters of their work, delivering stories often with  three or four different styles of puppetry at the same time–marionettes, rod puppets, shadow puppets and even enormous full-body creations, as well as changing costumes to even put themselves in some of the vignettes. The spirits’ names are Dapperly Dreadful, Daftly Dreadful, Dizzily Dreadful, Darkly Dreadful, Catly Dreadful, TartlyDreadful(this year replaced by Lady Dreadful), and Simply Dreadful. Jon himself plays Simply Dreadful, the  ringmaster of the macabre mayhem.

Spoiler: here is one of the favorite pieces from the show, “The Girl in the New Dress”:

If you’re in Atlanta, or planning a trip here around Halloween, this is  a must-see show.


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