Okay, can I say one last time how pissed off I am that I had a chance to be a zombie  in this movie? It was filmed right here in Georgia, and I landed some info about being an extra. I contacted the producers, sent photos, and actually got a call back! They were interested in using me, and gave me directions and everything to get to the filming location. Only thing is, I cannot remember for the life of me what I was doing at the time that prevented my being able to go.

DAMN! It would have to be one of the top movies out right now that I missed a chance to be a gory extra in. I’m sure I would have just been staggering around with black gunk gushing out from between my teeth, but wow, this movie is so hilarious, I would have been thrilled to be in it even for just two seconds.

Of course, the movie did briefly feature my current employer, Netherworld, and I got to see my beloved Mega Mouth do what he does best;chomp people.

I wont give anything else away, but I gotta say, the Ghostbusters homage was cheerworthy.


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