Post Halloween Re-Cap!


I did get the “eyes”put  on the house, but this year’s is just a prototype. I know now what limitations, and potential, there are with them, so next year they will be bigger, better, and the house will have its teeth. 🙂


Steve and I dressed in our Ghostbusters gear yet again to entertain the kidlets when they came to the house. Vapor was also on hand to jabber with the masses.


It was quite cold and windy and we got some good “ghostly” shots of Vapor.


I like this one because you can see his actual arms underneath his “sheets”!


Steve also reprised his “hitchhiking ghosts” pose.


Then we went inside and got silly with the camera again. This pic also has a semi-decent view of the black eye I sustained in a Netherworld-related injury the other night.


Smits sent me a pumpkin she had carved for me–with MO! 😀

It was a very fun evening. Bigger and better stuff planned for next year!



  1. Looks like you guys had lots of fun Halloween. 😀 Love the shots with Vapor AND the spooky eyes on the house. Definitely wanna see some teeth next year.

    Anyone else notice the paranormal orbs surrounding Steve in the hitchhiking picture? 😉 (I think it looks cool.)

    Hooray, the Mo-O-Lantern made it in one piece! Glad you like it!

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