You Want a Piece of Me, Punk?


Check this baby out.

I spent my last night that I shoulda been working Mega Mouth in the break area, recovering from getting clocked in the eye. Some moron yelled “cowabunga” or something, and DOVE into the puppet’s mouth,completely slamming the entire mechanism backward and into my face,knocking me down. I worked 20 more minutes until someone came to check on me, and by then, I was staggering.Got quite the shiner to show for it! I waited for a couple of days to take a photo, so it would be at its most gruesome, with plenty of colors. πŸ˜€

If anyone is wondering, I did get back at the guy, a teenager, since he made the mistake of standing there afterward yukking it up with his friends. Although they couldn’t see me at all, they knew they’d done something “kewl” and were contemplating jumping on the puppet again. That’s when I managed to get up, grab the controls again, and totally smear the jackass against the opposite wall, taking a few of his friends with him.



  1. It pisses me off that those jerks would even do that! I’m glad you got back at them, the dorkhammers. They’d better not mess with you!

    1. You totally have to expect it with this genre of entertainment, and I’ve dealt with it before, when I worked a few haunted trail things as a teen. I got kicked and punched, and we didn’t even have any security people to seal with that. I never got the guy who punched me, but I grabbed the leg of the kicker, which nearly made him crap his pants, I think.

  2. Yeah I got punched in the nose doing a haunted house one year… Heal well, I would have given anything to see footage of the jerks getting plastered by Mega Mouth!

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