The Man Who Owns the Blob.


I had never seen The Blob until the other day. Well, actually, I found a few choice scenes on YouTube and watched. You know, the good stuff; absorption scenes. XD

For its time, I’m pretty impressed with how an amorphous pile of goo,made of silicone, was made to be so very menacing. The Blob started out in the movie being clear, and red coloring was added as it..well….assimilated more living beings. In actuality, the silicone mass was not very jelly-like, but quite firm. It was heated with lights when it needed to “perform” to make it more pliable. And a lot of The Blob’s  moves, such as engulfing buildings, were accomplished with miniature sets and good old gravity.. When the Blob needed to move toward the camera, the mini-set was tipped forward, and when it needed to move away from the camera, the set was tipped backward.

But, even as dramatic as these moves may seem, this amoeba-like thespian is still, of course, a prop. A hunk of silicone in a gallon can. It’s still around and making appearances, however, at the annual Blobfest in Phoenixville, PA. The best way to show how it appears “in the goo” is to take you to a fascinating article about the Man Who Owns the Blob, Wes Shank. This next article shows a more updated photo of Wes and his “foster child”.

Just for fun, here’s the theme song for The Blob. Best horror movie theme ever.


One comment

  1. I LOVE “The Blob”. One of those odd guilty pleasures of mine, though I’m still not quite sure why.

    Honestly, until I saw it again on TCM recently, I had no idea that the Blob itself was silicone. I thought for sure it was Jell-O. I’m amazed that silicone has lasted so long. Wes Shank must be taking good care of it. Maybe feeding it some harsh critics XD

    I like that the Blob song was co-written by Burt Bacharach. That makes me smile.

    I’ll be honest–I haven’t seen any of the sequels, though I’ve seen the 1988 remake. It’s…eh. It’s unnecessarily violently 80s. I still prefer the original.

    I did hear that Rob Zombie is planning another remake, but that the Blob won’t be a blob. If that’s true, how can it even be called “The Blob”?!? If it ain’t broke…

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