Extra Kaiju: Godzilla Wins the Lifetime Achievement Award.

To make up for not having a kaiju entry last month, I give you the winner of MTV’s Life Time Achievement Award on MTV’s Movie Awards, June 13th, 1996.

The award was presented by Patrick Stewart. A must-see.


One comment

  1. I love the sense of humor that Gojira and his/her/it’s creators have about the genre. I also like the revamp of Gojira and Gamera in the more recent past, making them serious badasses again.

    Pete & I went to a screening at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood of “Gojira” the ORIGINAL without the Raymond Burr additions, in Japanese/subtitled, with the man who originally wore the suit in the movie there. He was in his 80’s, tiny in stature, but still remembered the shoot and was able to Q&A after. Got his signature on a Gojira 11×17 poster, a prized possession of ours.

    Pete & I did a marathon of all the movies we had copies of (about 15?) one day – we should do the same for Gamera as well.

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