Kaiju of the Month: Ebirah


In Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster, a terrorist organization called the Red Bamboo set up a base of operations on an island. The giant shrimp/lobster Ebirah was successfully used to destroy any ship that came too close to the island. The Red Bamboo ships used a special extract from the island’s fruit to protect themselves from Ebirah. However, a group of people became stranded on the island, found Godzilla dormant in a cave,and woke him in order for him to protect the island against Ebirah. Ebirah was defeated, injured by Godzilla. Later, when a ship belonging to the Red Bamboo tried to enter the island’s perimeter,the crew unknowingly used a placebo and not the island fruit extract. Ebriah attacked, and Godzilla went after the giant lobster-thingy yet again, ripping off its claws.

I kinda feel like Ebirah was wronged. Damn, it was just doing its job.


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