I guess it should’ve been “Foppy Birthday”!


My friend Smits was here over the weekend for her birthday, and I had made this card for her, starring our favorites of my ModFops, Georgie and Ritchie. 🙂


The ModFops, by the way, are getting somewhat of a re-do. No matter who I call, mail, talk to or whatever, nobody in the universe of fake fur land, especially JoAnn(where their GORGEOUS green-spotted fur came from)has any clue where this fur came from, who made it or….what. It would be my most favorite fur I’ve ever found and something I need a lot of. I want the ‘Fops to have their long tails and all their limbs, so to do this I’m going to find a similarly soft, cream-colored short fur and paint their spots on with fabric paint. The one plus side of that is that I can put the spots exactly where I want them, and they can have their un-spotted bellies that they had in my original design. Georgie and Ritchie, since they always work together, will be first, and I’ll  eventually get to the others. I recently found a soft, white-fur blanket at Target that I think is going to do the trick.


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