Vapor at our First Ghostbusting Troop! In a spiritual sense of course.

(video shot by Smits)

What a day we had this past Saturday; it was our first official troop with the Central Georgia Ghostbusters, at the Eagles Landing Baptist Church Health Fair and Blood Drive in McDonough.

Chace, Mitchell, Ronald, Smits , Derek , Steve, Vapor and me.

As I’ve mentioned, my pal Smits was visiting from out of town, and was thrilled to get to be our Janine for a day. She whipped up an outfit with barely 24 hours notice after I asked her if she wanted to participate.

Steve and I pose with the CGGB’s cool ride.

Smits(Jaime) and me with Vapor. We entertained people outside, around the car.

Vapor, me and Steve.Steve is determined to upgrade my suit to the top choice one like he has. I, personally, will miss my much cooler suit that keeps me from getting too hot while performing Vapor.

Me with the cutest little ghost trap ever! Is it for catching baby ghosts?

Inside the church, we entertained the kids in a sort of “trade show” environment. There were kid’s activities, and lots of tables for adults to peruse that dealt with everything from assisted living homes, to diabetes testing, to healthy foods.

This baby was hilarious. No matter what Vapor did, the baby had a blank, brook trout expression. Finally Vapor said “Is the software loaded right on this thing? Hello?”

Vapor learned about proper toothbrushing technique, although it was far too late.

Oddly enough, a very funny and quirky funeral home director was also advertising his wares. He had a tiny hearse set up on his table, as well as a business card holder shaped like a coffin. He asked if the CGGB’s would be interested in appearing at his establishment next Halloween!

I also gave blood for the first time ever at this blood drive, conquering a longtime, ridiculous fear of needles.

See? Here I am being drained.

And here I am afterward, looking and feeling just a little bit off-kilter but pretty darn excited. It was a terrific day.

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