Netherworld Actor Awards, 2009

Last night I won an award–not the full trophy award, but a certificate that I had been nominated for “Best New Puppet Actor” at our Netherworld Actor Awards. I do believe if I had worked more days and been a  bit more of a visible presence, I would have earned the full bada-bing trophy honor. Just wait till next year!

Even so,I am very excited and honored. Maybe it’s just a printed-out certificate, but for me it’s a badge of accomplishment and acceptance into the fold.

I’d like to thank my bosses, all my new friends,the wardrobe peeps,the paramedic who put ice on my face after I got konked in the eye,and of course, my big, barnacled,beautiful buddy,Mega Mouth.

Charles and me.Charles was my main team”lead” when I worked, always checking on me round the clock, making sure I was okay and asking if I needed water. He and all the other team leads deserved  an award for taking care of their charges!

Jayne, me and Demon. I’m trying to force Jayne to look at the camera.

I tell camera-shy Jayne HOW MUCH I LUFF HER! Seriously, though, she and Demon nearly kill themselves taking care of all our costume needs.

Netherworld Co-Owner Billy Messina was throwing little squeezy garlics out into the crowd. Demon,Anita and I all caught some and became “The Garlic Girls”!

Demon and Steve. I was trying to catch Demon doing one of her enthusiastic “YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!” cheers every time someone was called up for an award. 😀

Demon gets hers!!! She masterfully portrays the Netherworld character called “The Collector”.

Alex and me, both Winners of Nominations!!

A fun time was had by all!


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