Flub-A-Dub Puppet on ebay.

If anyone out there collects Howdy Doody memorabilia, I am 98% positive that this vintage puppet is The Flub-A-Dub, the strange creature seen on the classic children’s puppet program Howdy Doody from 1947-60..


Flub-A-Dub(originally Flubdub) was a unique South American animal with a duck’s head, a cat’s whiskers, a giraffe’s neck (encircled with rings), a cocker spaniel’s ears, a seal’s flippers (and four webbed feet), a raccoon’s tail hairpiece, a dachshund’s body and the memory of an elephant.

WhenFlub-A-Dub got hungry, it yelled, “Meatballs!, Meatballs!”. At first, Flub-A-Dub liked to eat flowers, especially the ones on its hat.


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