Dinky Donkey!

I got some red mohair fabric in the mail.It isn’t totally what I expected, but that’s okay, because it really wasn’t intended for making No Ears (a teddy bear puppet in planning)anyway. I do,however, intend to make a small puppet that has that wonderful “retro toy” style.The fabric is old, from a vintage coat lining. It still has that wonderful mohair “feel” that synthetic fur simply can’t match, and nothing had to die for it to be made(mohair is woven from the fleece of angora goats).But the fur has a more,well, horse-like feel to it..it’s sparse and a little bristly.I had considered making several other creatures such a little red duck, or even a donkey or rabbit,before I got the mohair. But a rabbit or a duck should be much softer.As goofy as it sounds, I almost feel like if I hold the fabric long enough it will tell me what should be made.

..and here’s what became of it. A little guy I called Dinky Donkey.



    1. Actually, Carrie, I think he isn’t going to talk at all…he and I have been experimenting with a crayon and pad of paper, and it looks highly possible that he might be my starting puppet for a “Doodle Tales” show(in which the story gets drawn as it goes along).

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