Bitty Bantha.

I do hope I’m not nuts for attempting such a thing.

In the Star Wars universe, a lot of folks like a certain creature. Many fans like the vicious Wampa, the hapless Tauntaun or the scaly Dewback. Me, I like the Bantha...the enormous, hairy, horned Bantha.

I would love to try my hand at a Bantha costume/full body puppet to take to Dragon Con, as a way to demonstrate my puppetry  and costuming skills. I would insist on a one-person costume rather than making two people suffer inside it. Plus, I would have more freedom of movement.

(first sketch, showing “bustle”)

I once saw a cow costume in which the person inside wore a huge sort of “bustle” which made up the cow’s rump, with stuffed back legs dangling down below and touching the floor perfectly behind. With a Bantha costume, there would essentially be a curtain of hair and fur reaching down to the ground, somewhat eliminating the cause for making full legs.

I also ended up with about 8 or 9 yards of the perfect fur. How could I pass up doing this now? I wonder if I could go to 501st troops as a baby Bantha,haha! Problem is, I don’t know any Tusken Raiders.:(


  1. I wonder if there would be a way to put a puppet sand person riding on top that you could puppeteer either by running your hand up through the neck or maybe through some sort of rod control. The nice thing about Sand People is that they don’t need mouths.

    I like the Bantha idea!

    1. I’ll hopefully be with some 501st friends, and I’ve been reminded that at least one of them does a great Tusken Raider, so I may not be a little lost Bantha yet! 😀

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