My New Stage!

I am thrilled with my new puppet stage. My puppetry teacher from years ago, Carol Daniel of Piccadilly Puppets, and I had recently been in a sort of “bidding war” over a previous stage for sale from another puppeteer, and Carol ended up with that stage. But,Carol called me to let me know she had an old stage in her garage that I could have for free, just come get it!

It’s fabulous…it’s definitely old and has been around a few times, but once I got my fabric on it, it truly began to shape up. My pal Zach bought me the black,pleated fabric at a liquidation center, and the blue fabric is cotton quilting fabric from JoAnn Etc. The blue fabric is actually covered in tiny silvery stars. I went to IKEA today to buy a rolling stool to perch on while I work behind it.

Because it’s huge, and blue and black, and is just sort of sitting in our living room looking out of place at the moment, and we recently began watching Doctor Who, I call it my TARDIS. Hee hee.


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