Muppetcast about the Steve Whitmire Workshop!

Steve Swanson produces the very wonderful Muppetcast, a podcast featuring the work of Jim Henson and the Muppets.

Click here to listen to the podcast that has a quick clip of me, my husband Steve, and our friend Jaime (of, and eventually an interview with Steve Whitmire himself.

We come in at about 25 minutes. We decided not to correct Steve S. on how to pronounce our last name,’s three syllables, but we didn’t mind. We were delighted to be included. 🙂

The annoying rattling noise during our segment was us opening granola bars to quickly scarf down before the workshop began–we desperately needed fuel.



    1. That Mic seems like super high-quality, Steve! We should have turned away from it to open our snacks,LOL!!

      And don’t fret about our names,it’s actually how most people pronounce it on first seeing it printed/written, so it’s no problem.

  1. LOL…

    I wasn’t going to say anything, because I really don’t mind… but since Steve was mispronouncing last names in the episode, he totally mispronounced mine at the end of the episode. He said Miller and it sounded like Williams!

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