Little Ghosts!

Today I sat and scribbled and glued and worked and figured and sculpted and destroyed, trying to make the puppets I envisioned in my head for The Little Man Show. I really want to do a webshow with very small puppets that are either finger puppets or rod puppets or something else cute and small. I want to make the little sets and props that go with them, too. Nothing I tried today was working, and other things I wanted to try I didn’t have the supplies on hand to do.

Then, I got out a ziploc bag full of white cabinet knobs that I had purchased at a thrift store, and magic began to happen.

Wiggly eyes, a scrap of white fur,a cork and a Sharpie smile produced this little fellow, still nameless.

Wiggle eyes, a wooden bead and a tuft of feathers gave me Felicia Frizzly.

More wiggly eyes, a tiny purple pompom and a giant light blue pompom produced Emma Powder.

Here’s all of them. Notice that one wears a snappy bottlecap hat, and one has blue hair in the shape of Bozo the Clown’s. I really like them; I think I could quite possibly turn this into a little ghost show. ๐Ÿ˜€

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