The Weekend of One-Eyes,Parades and Hockey Games

It was a very busy weekend here at Puppatoons; I got a serious commission from a chap in South Africa, but before I could start on those pieces, I had to get through the weekend’s projects and activities. It was a whirlwind weekend and I’m not sure my brain has recovered from it.

First, I had a toy commission to complete. My dear friend Jesse wanted a plush Mo–sort of and sort of not. He wanted a plush version of an “evil-alter ego” that Mo he’s been talking about lately: Om. Now, even if “Om” is the symbol of the impersonal Absolute of Hinduism — omnipotent, omnipresent, and the source of all manifest existence, for Jesse, it’s  evil incarnate, a fierce  black ball of fur that is apparently Mo’s never-talked-about cousin. So, after he kindly requested for this little monstrosity to be created, I plowed through my huge storage reserves of plush, found the perfect fur, and Om was born:

Nasty little bugger, eh?

Then, Saturday the GA 501st (I’m TI 3687)were to participate in the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in downtown Atlanta. Steve and I and all our friends would be in our Star Wars costumes and we’d do our thing and freeze and have fun with the crowds and meet the out-of-towners who were driving in from other states and we’d all go out to eat afterward and it was going to be a big brouhaha. And oh, it was. Much fun was had. But almost none of our Star Wars costumes have any green on them; we were celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day, what were we to do? Plenty of our friends brought stickers, beads and other assorted things o’ green to spruce up their ensembles. As usual, I had to so something with a little creature of some sort. So, sitting down Friday afternoon and digging through my drawers and tubs of supplies, I found the perfect ingredients to make this:

His name is Paddy O’ Pip…

..and he rode on my chest box.:)

Photo by Jimmy Burns

Photo by Annabella G

After the parade all 60+ of us went out to eat at the Spaghetti Warehouse in Marietta, and I found a great photo op for Paddy:

“There’s something…on my head…”

The parade and the out-to-lunch afterward turned into an all-day bash.

On the way home, Paddy sang his own theme song:

Then the next day, we had a hockey game, which meant:


He finally got to meet Thrash, the Atlanta Thrashers’ mascot!

We got to sit in the little special section with our friend Chuck, who plays the organ music at the games.(he’s the one with the headphones)

We did get on the jumbotron once,but we didn’t get a chance to take a picture. All the same, people are starting to notice us; we had several families come over to get their photos taken.

I’m still weighing out the merits of having live hand wings for Frash vs. the rod wings of before, plus,I’m not sure I like what his jersey does to his body–it smooshes it considerably and makes him humpbacked. He’s definitely been a learning process.



  1. Thanks for the visit last night. Be sure to stop by any time you come to a game. I might even have a seat for you, Steve and Frash!

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