Pack-O-Fun: Egg Carton Alligator!

Oh, god, I loved making egg carton alligators and dragons when I was a kid. Once I dug out this edition of Pack-O-Fun magazine(it’s from 1967; I was born several years later) from the huge craft magazine stash over at Grandmothers, there was no stopping me. Every time an egg carton was emptied, I had to have it. Once I got cocky and tried to store the last egg elsewhere in the refrigerator so I could have the carton. Needless to say, there was actual discipline  of kids back then and my grandmother was not pleased.

The two pages with the alligator, a neat dinosaur, and a couple of other projects are under the link.


One comment

  1. Thanks so much – we were looking for this alligator we remembered from childhood to make at our playgroup with our kids and grandkids!

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