Zombie Pigs, Skeleton Vendors

Got a commission to do a zombie pig,and although I do want to keep it pretty much under wraps, here is a sneak peek at the basic head shape so far:

Nothing too terribly exciting yet,but, there ya go.:)

In other exciting news, I attended a meeting of Netherworld employees a few weeks ago, and we sat around and watched clips from several horror movies and discussed acting and character aspects and lots of other good stuff. I managed to snag my boss for a few minutes and tell him about a new character I had in mind, and I should have had this sketch with me.

Even as much as I enjoy operating Mega Mouth, I’d like to take a crack at having my “own” character, something hand-puppet related,and be out in the parking lot. This particular character might be too cute and cheesy here, but could really be gunked-and-goried up if need be.

and as always, be sure to check out Notes from Mother and Sticky Dumbness today, too! Both are updated!



  1. I love the idea, but yeah I agree that they want a gunk and goried version.

    Have you thought of incorporating something coming out of a monster? Like little monsters? Kinda like Ripley’s Alien drooling acid type monsters?

    Just a thought.

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