The Vendor, continued.

You may have seen my post about The Vendor, an idea I had for a Halloween or Netherworld(just needs grossing up) costume/puppet combination idea. Now I’ve gotten into more detail about the little residents of the Vendor’s tray,Krunik and Phizti.

Pretty much going with the Kukla/Ollie format again, like Gwinkul and OhNose(one mouth puppet, one glove puppet), the moving mouth puppet is Krunik, who is kind of wormy-dinosaur-like, and Phizti, who was inspired by Aztec art and Spy vs.Spy.

Just ignore the arrows pointing up in these sketches, but I thought a great running gag for these two might be if Phizti’s head can be pulled off by Krunik and Phizti could scream, “Darnit, every time I try to get a word on edgewise you bite my head off! Put my head back on, ya lumpy-headed earthworm!”

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