Freaky-Armed Grimace!

I’ve often had mixed feelings about the McDonaldland characters. I hate clowns, but I always thought the earlier Ronald was okay. I liked Grimace, even though he was just…odd, and I could never figure out how he, as a big purple blob, related to hamburgers and fries and such in the way Mayor McCheese and Hamburglar did. And I hold great respect for The Ronald McDonald House.

The McDonaldland characters were much cooler in the 70’s when I was a kid; now, they’ve been cutened, dumbed up, primary-colored,watered down and chubbified as if that’s all kids want to look at these days..seems every cool character franchise got the “cute n’chubby” treatment eventually. Do all children prefer their characters this way today, or have marketing adults frantically decided all children might be disturbed and need counseling if their characters might look a little mean and gritty, or if they’re funky and asymmetrical, or even worse…skinny,bumpy, scaly or a have muted colors?

Even so, we’ve all got a character here and there from our childhood that did scare us for various reasons, and although me and Grimace were cool, I might be persuaded to think, “yeah, this commercial might have flipped me out when I was a wee one”. Count Grimace’s arms!


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