Mother Pusbucket!!

Hopefully in time for Dragon Con, I’m making a sort of beastly/monstrous/possessed/haunted proton pack to wear with my “dress” Ghostbusters uniform ( a black Dickies dress with appropriate patches and a few gadgets).It will be a good bit smaller than my real proton pack, but since in our costuming group, The Georgia Ghostbusters, customizing your “character” is encouraged, I couldn’t resist playing around with something like this.

It’s the very first sketch, of course, and doesn’t nearly express all the doodads and whatzits all over a proton pack. But it’s a start, especially a big red eye down where the cyclotron is.

I’m thinking of calling it Pusbucket. 😀

And here’s some of our brave Boys in Gray(which is really khaki), the Georgia Ghostbusters! Photo by Mitchell(not shown), “streams” by Steve! I was taking another photo a few feet away and I am not in the pic. Neither is Ron, who was getting something straightened out with his costume. L-R: Jairus, Chace, Mike, Steve, Hal and Derek!


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