Meet Tangelo Tiger!

I often look for vintage puppets on ebay. A few weeks ago, I started finding this little tiger puppet in my searches. Except he didn’t look like this. Oh, no. Instead, picture a featureless, flat knitted thing, something slightly akin to a potholder:

But I kept going back to this sad, eyeless fellow and thinking…hmm…this guy really has potential. I wasn’t sure exactly what it was..couldn’t put my finger on it. But at only a couple of dollars, his price was right, and I bought him. Once I got him in the mail, it immediately came to me what he needed; eyes, first of all. And his head stuffed. Gradually I kept adding things until he became the happy little guy in the top photograph. And because he was bright orange in his orange places, I couldn’t think of anything besides “orange” names. The hybrid of a tangerine and a pomelo, a tangelo, was the perfect match.

My friend Jesse has been wanting to teach me some magic tricks. I think Tange here would be a super candidate to “help”with simple magic. We can pay tribute to Sooty(better turn off your sound if you click that link)!

Yet another idea for the growing stack of fun shows and presentations!

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