Mo at the Atlanta Braves game!

I would first like to extend a very warm thank you to my friend Zach and his friend Emily,both Atlanta Braves employees, for allowing me and Steve and our pal Detag a unique privilege; getting to go onto the baseball field before an Atlanta Braves game and participate in the “parade” around the field perimeter. The field was shared yesterday by participants in a Father’s Day race,a whole bunch of little league teams, and of course, Mo and me.

I was encouraged to bring a puppet by Zach; little did I know what an opportunity it was to get Mo’s face out there.

(As a side note, I do believe I am going to shorten Mo’s body to his true length, and add his feet,so he doesn’t look like a worm, ghost, or that he has a long christening dress on.)

Here’s Emily! I’m afraid I’ll have to get more pics with Zach in them later, as he took all the pics you are seeing at the time of this writing. IN the back you can see me(with my eyes shut), Steve and Detag.

Mo looking astonished at all the people clapping and cheering.

The cream of the crop of the photos–Mo, with himself on the big screen!

Mo flailing at a member of security personnel(“Dee! Deeee!”), and that person wondering, “What’s he sayin’?”

A nice shot of us on the absolute highest upper level of the stadium, where the view and the breeze are incredible.

A hard lesson we’ve had to learn is that drunken morons at sports events and puppets do not mix well. They usually want to cause some physical harm to the puppets,usually in the form of grabbing them or getting bodily fluids on them. My husband and friends have learned to expertly block me on either side and from behind when a drunken moron starts following alongside and asking a lot of really idiotic, loud questions such as “HAY IS THAT COTTON CANDY OR IS THAT A AMINAL?” After one such incident, we had to take a picture of Mo and his supposed relatives, the bags of cotton candy. I suppose there is a resemblance.

A great, great time was had by all. The weather was perfect, and we were in the “All You Can Eat” seats, so we had unlimited drinks, snacks,etc. Thanks, Zach and Emily!!


One comment

  1. It was an absolute pleasure being able to attend the game as a fan with everyone! I’m so glad Mo was able to make it out and you guys had fun.

    It’s never about the baseball game at Turner Field for a lot of our fans: It’s the experience. The ball game is just an added bonus. That’s exactly how I felt last night.

    I will note that the “security guy” is actually a season ticket representative making sure everything goes smoothly (since parades are part of a privelage with certain ticket sales). Smooth operations mean wearing different hats, and some are secuirty-esque and occassionally include preventing people and puppets from harassing the players!

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