The Making of Yoda

I myself am making a Yoda puppet; it will be used in our Star Wars costuming group appearances, but mainly for a parade at Christmas time. The friend who commissioned this piece has been superb in sending me reference material, including this gem (although very hard on the eyes) of a website, all about the crafting and manipulation of Yoda for the Star Wars movies:

Nick Maley continues his insights into the creation of the STAR WARS creatures —-the making of Yoda.


One comment

  1. How’s Yoda coming along? I’m making a kind of “Muppety-looking” Yoda puppet right now for a project I’m doing (actually, it’s not supposed to be Yoda — it’s his brother No-da.) Anyway, he’s been a really fun build. Are you going the foam and fleece route or the moulded latex way that they made the real one? I’d love to see your progress!

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