The Mummycorn!

September and especially October are my busiest times of the year, and I apologize for the lack of updates. I have been working on a Halloween show, as well as working at Netherworld and preparing for this year’s Scarecrows in the Garden, and now Zombiewalk 2010.

My entry for Scarecrows in the Garden this year is a mummified unicorn—The Mummycorn. This is a character I have tossed around for years as part of a book project called  The Carousel of Creeps.

About the size of a small pony, M.C. is covered in 13 yards of strips of muslin. The frame is once again PVC, but built a lot tougher than last year’s entries.

I designed him with the idea that he has walked endless miles and countless years in his current state. He’s shriveled and things like his ears and eyelids fell off long ago. He’s covered in dirt and stains from his centuries of wandering the earth, as well as his own leaked-out guts from ages past.

In short,he’s pretty manky looking.

One comment

  1. My family and I were just at the Gardens yesterday, and we loved the Mummycorn! (We built a “Plants vs Zombies” scarecrow this year.)

    I always like to see some “scary” scarecrows amongst the numerous variations on recycling themes. Keep up the good work. 🙂

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