Little Jed Zombie!

This Halloween Season I am participating in ZombieWalk Atlanta 2010. My pal Smits is coming down from Nashville to walk with me and we came up with quite the sordid mess for our costumes. She will be a zombie Beatles fan, and I will be a zombie puppeteer!

This is a sketch for the puppet,Little Jed, that I intend to take along with me;

and here is the finished Little Jed. He is named after a rather amusing friend of mine whose daughter is a big fan of Mo.:)

Then there was the matter of costumes. During a recent visit to my house Smits joined me in the immense trashing of clothing for our zombiefied outfits. I cut up, bloodied and filthified my old Puppatoons logo shirt and jeans, as well as a dress she scored at Goodwill that had a definite retro flair to it, as if she had worn it in the sixties.

I think they came out quite well, eh?

Last but not least came the zombie makeup. We visited Atlanta Costume, where we picked up a bottle of liquid latex and a small palette of “dead” selection of Ben Nye makeup.

Five minutes into playing with the makeup I was hooked:

Oh, what fun we are going to have. 😀

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