Zombie Walk 2010!

So we’re back from ZombieWalk Atlanta 2010, and we have mixed reviews.

First off, we had fun anyway, getting our costumes and makeup together. Not to mention bringing Little Jed to life. Jaime was a zombie Beatles fan, and her LP-through-the-head prop got lots of laughs and photos taken.

The event was totally in the rain, which definitely made it more apocalyptic, and you cant help the weather. Hundreds of people turned out for an impressive array of zombie costuming, from well-thought out and crafted spooky, gooey masterpieces to the frat boys who bought a five-dollar bottle of fake blood at Party City, threw it on some old clothes and ran downtown hoping to harass civilians.

We started out at historic Oakland Cemetery, which, looking back on it, ended up being a rather disrespectful place, considering what people were doing—-I even got caught up in the moment and had photos taken amongst the graves—–but people were smearing fake blood on public property and I don’t really take kindly to that.

There is a definite code of conduct for these type events, and while the majority followed them, the “frat boy” mentality of some made us look bad. There were many people diving out into the street after cars, banging on the hoods and sticking their heads into the windows of drivers who,I can assure you, were not willing participants.

Then we had the people who were just a little too “into” it to realize how annoying they were…those who kept doing the same schtick over and over to the same zombie costumers in the procession…yes,we,your fellow zombies, saw your costume five seconds ago; you don’t need to come “RAAAHHHR” in our faces again. And again. And again.

But overall, it was a real hoot. I might think twice about it next year, especially since the organization on it wasn’t that keen, either..it took forever just to find out where everyone was supposed to meet up, although there was definite drama posted on the information site about “who we are no longer affiliated with”. Cut the personal crap and just tell us where and when.

Here’s an example of a guy who really took time and thought out his costume and wasn’t running around being a moron. Chris Brown of Macabre Puppets.

Jaime…she still loves Ringo, according to her button(hidden by her hair). Notice her Beatles “butcher cover”album!

We decided to be respectful of the graves and not post the photos we took actually up close with them. Still, you gotta admit, this is a great shot.

Me,Little Jed, and a Boy Scout and Vietnam soldier zombie!

Little Jed and tranny French Maid zombie!

Me, Little Jed, and some..uh…slight knuckleheads. They initiated a “zombie disco”pose.

Me driving us home in the pouring rain..I’m pulling off my latex makeup..

Poor Jaime..this is what rain does to water-based zombie makeup!

And I’ll include a pic I took a few days before as I tested out the zombie makeup process. Wikie and me!



  1. I still haven’t ventured out for a zombie walk, but the following weekend I made it out to the festival in Oakland cemetery. It was my first time there and I have to say that it’s strange how everyone treats it more like a park than a graveyard.

    Even so, my friend’s band played, and I have my first Pallookaville corndog (the Frankenstein inspired dog with segments of kielbasa, Italian sausage, and frankfurter under the batter, and it was awesome.) Carrie and I need to go back and take some of the walking tours.

    Sorry to hear that there seemed to be a bunch of douches about for your day there…

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