Warrior Dash 2011!

This past weekend I participated in a hilariously muddy, filthy, wet n’ rugged race called Warrior Dash. And of course, I always have to bring Puppatoons into the event, so, I put a small creature on top of my helmet I wore:

Skoop Daloop, my lucky running mate, and:

My Warrior Mo shirt I painted for the occasion.

Actual race pics after the jump. I figured somebody out there might want to see one or two.

We’ve just been through the lake behind us, and we’re making our way across the tires and to the junked cars—-an obstacle called “Road Rage”.

Making my way over the trunk of a car in “Road Rage”. Skoop was with me all the way!

Fists raised high (that’s my friend Noel cut off on the right side of the pic) after plummeting down a plastic-sheeted hill of water and mud.

The infamous “Mud Pit”.

“Mud Pit”–more mud, water, muck and goo.I’m looking for a way to climb out.

After the race, Noel and me looking at the “Results” booth.

The box for all the gear I gathered to run this race–it takes a bit of planning, with bringing clean clothes, a towel, and of course my trusty helmet and gloves.

It was a ton of fun, and I can’t wait till next year!


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