Jurassic Park Dilophosaurus!

Another project I have been working on is for the infamous Dragon Con in Atlanta, over Labor Day weekend. The project is a Dilophosaurus from the movie Jurassic Park. My husband and a few friends have been researching a few generic characters on THE big Jurassic Park fan website, Jurassic Park Legacy,so I think we will look pretty sharp. Steve and I will be veterenarians,and I will be carrying a very ill-tempered young dinosaur. 🙂

This is Clementine, nearly finished.

Clementine with her scales effect finished–simply hundreds of individual dots of slick fabric paint.

“Clemmy” has very sharp styrene teeth, perfect for warding off the drunk morons at Dragon Con who will shove their hand in a puppet’s mouth and try to wrestle it off your hand, come hell or high water.

I think her scales came out quite well, even down to the white jaggedy strip that separates her upper color from the lower regions.

No, she does not spit, and she does not have the frill.Unless the JP designers were truly playing the “mutated genes” angle, there is no reason why a Dilophosaurus would have had a frill–there were no bones or muscle attachments in this dinosaur’s neck to support it.

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