Mrs. Fiddlehead’s Fables–Dragons

The second half of the cast in  “Mrs. Fiddlehead’s Fables”  is made up of dragons; all bright colors, all of a teenage sort of age and attitude. They do not have the first-and-last-names like the Unicorns; instead, their names come from their colors in other languages.


Realgar–Orange female with short, back-curving purple horns. She is our “girl power” member of the group, capable and enthusiastic. A tribute to Figment, as she is his colors in reverse.

Noxa–Pink female with short, spiral green horns. She is very petite and soft spoken. a complement to her best friend Rora.

Piros (was Russi)–Red female with long purple spiked horns. True to her color, she is firey tempered but mainly in defense of others, or occasionally, her own opinions. Best friends with Realgar.

Oolo–Yellow male with forward-pointing orange horns. He  loves cooking and baking. He is very open and non judgmental.

Verda–Green female with long  backward- pointing blue horns. She is a bit of a southern belle and  is always there with a kind word to make someone feel better. Can be a bit of a pushover… until she’s had enough, however.

Modok–Dark green male with long backward-pointing red horns. Sinister looking , he conceals a big heart and tends to do good works in secret.

Rora–Turquoise female with short  backward- pointing purple horns. She is a prankster and troublemaker,but often her schemes turn out to benefit her friends.

Nilya–Dark blue female with orange  devil-like  horns. Levelheaded and sensible, she likes things neat and orderly. She and Verda tend to hang out together.

Gorrindol–Large purple male with blue horns that curve forward and up. He is the “big guy” but not the “stupid guy”. Keeps his opinions to himself unless asked, but when he does speak he often speaks with to-the-point clarity.

Ruz (was Meramuda)–Dark pink male with tall backward-curving orange horns. Type-A personality, the boy-next-door and best pal to Gorrindol.


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