Mrs. Fiddlehead’s Fables–Unicorns


Another project I’ve had on the burner a while is “Mrs.Fiddlehead’s Fables”, which features a grand dame sort of character, Mrs. Fiddlehead, a dragon. She is a drama/theatre teacher and her class includes ten unicorns and ten dragons. A bit of a large cast, yes, but I’m just dying to make them and try this out. The idea as that this is another ensemble to portray various fairy tales while having backstage interactions as well. All the while being a bunch of youngsters of about high school “age”.

The unicorns are colored in semi-realistic horse colors; I thought this would be a good way to color them as individuals yet also set them apart from their brightly hued dragon counterparts.

The unicorns are as follows:

Ginger Tarbutton–Pretty and proud of her spots;tends to be a bit of a diva. Has red leopard appaloosa coloration.

Parthenia Starflame–Bookish and studious; sometimes takes life too seriously. A dark bay.

Janus Stormbringer–A bit of a rebel rocker on the outside, creative and quite sensitive inside. Chestnut, with a close-cropped flaxen mane.

Fernsby Greenfield–Smooth intellectual, very sophisticated and with an extensive vocabulary. Grey.

Faunt Grandprancer–The peacekeeper,cheer team and clown all in one. A rich buckskin.

Mordecai Goldentrot–The Golden Boy,a most popular guy and a bit full of himself. He’s charismatic,but goodhearted. Palomino, of course.

Otho Silverbeard–Absent-minded genius. Another gray, with a snow  white mane.

Electa Ironfoot–A big girl,taller than the others, but a bit shy. Does not like to do girly things. Grulla coat pattern.

Marguerite Mistywings–Avid reader and writer with a runaway imagination. Ten points of you catch the homage.:) Dark palomino pinto.

Lobelia Swiftflight–Athletic,confident, but with a keen sense of fun. Black and white pinto.


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