Operation Dwarf Drop 2015 a Success!

So on Friday at Dragon Con I delivered the puppets to our dwarf actors guests.

I am usually prepared for reactions that range from “Oh, another fan thing ” to “OMG, LOOKIT THIS”.I got a pretty good reaction from Stephen Hunter and Dean O’ Gorman, but I get the feeling they get a LOT of fan art so it probably wasn’t a big deal.

From what I have seen,simply from my side of the table, the handlers are getting firmer about us getting pics without officially paying (never mind that most of the time it’s the celebrity’s idea in my case,after I give them their presents). I can understand this from a business point of view,totally,and I don’t want to rock the boat. I mean, after all, the whole purpose here is to make money so Dragoncon can happen again, we get more guests and more money can be made. So I always kind of gauge the reaction of the gift recipient to see if it looks like I can get a quick photo of us and the puppet. I could see it wouldn’t happen here, although the guys were being pretty hilarious playing with their MiniBombur and MiniFili for a couple of minutes. 🙂 So,I left it at that. The moment is more important.

V__3E91(1) V__4DA1 V__B20B

They did an impromptu version of “Mahna Mahna” with their puppets. 🙂

Although I did not get a photo with Peter Hambleton, me, and his Gloin puppet,it was a different story at his table.


He wanted to talk and marvel over the puppet and asked what all I do with puppetry and on and on. I feel that a connection was made, and from then on, when I went down to the celebrity area (Called “The Walk of Fame”), his table was the one I always visited. His line would only have maybe four or five people in it, but they would stay a LONG time because he was so personable and wanted to talk with everyone. That really makes a fan feel special.

Peter has been as kind as William Kircher and Mrs. Kircher were(Graham McTavish, too). He told me that he and the other dwarf actors kept trying to put together a puppet show with the puppets I made them, but “they” keep knocking it down. (LOL…” Who is ‘they‘? What the hell’s an aluminum falcon?”) He told me to come and find him and the guys after the panel on Sunday.So, sure enough he hung around after the panel and spoke with a few folks and called me over straight away. Well, the dwarf puppet show didn’t happen,but Peter said to come on downstairs so I could get a pic with him and the other dwarves.

I’m sure it was a lot to ask of the guys, but Peter H took the lead and made sure I got pics with all the dwarves,to,as he said “keep the tradition going”. Then Peter gave me a hug and a kiss and we said goodbye.

11959962_10205832293864152_6035738945542330999_n WP_20150907_006

Thanks for indulging me, dear Dean and Stephen. I know I’m not easy on the eyes. 😉


Gloin and Bifur are my spirit dwarves now; their actors gave me some incredible fan experiences. Thank you, dear Peter, for all the love!


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