Happy Halloween!

It’s that time, at last, everybody!

Teal Mo and all

Here’s our pumpkin display for this year. I try to add a new fake pumpkin each year, and I also carve a real one..or two, as sometimes the first one I carve doesn’t last.


2917 Pumpkin After and after.jpg

For instance, this is how my first pumpkin, a little guy carved in early October, looked by last week. Blergh.

No two and Sammy

So my husband got me another one, which I carved  with a lot of cat help.

Teal Mo2

I bought our teal pumpkin at Michael’s right when they went on sale, and carved it out immediately. I took great pride in setting him out with his orangey brethren.



The bounty for the Teal Pumpkin Kids is plentiful: We have little notepads, lots and lots of pencils, plastic fangs and witch fingers, erasers, stickers and tattoos. This is just a small portion of all the junk we’ve assembled! 😀


So come on down! Halloween rocks!

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