Mastodon video: DEATHBOUND

This was an extremely fun, well-paid, and momentous day: I was performing (and lending some of my own puppets) my own puppets in a music video for a well-known band,I worked with a lot of my fellow Atlanta puppeteers, I learned about working with fire on camera, and I met two of my best friends, Shane Morton and Madeline Brumby, who I would go on to perform with in their Silver Scream Spook Show.
Now, the video and song may not be to everyone’s taste; I’ll warn you right off the bat. VERY METAL,VERY LOUD!
However, I can assure you the members of  the Atlanta, Georgia metal band Mastodon, especially their drummer, Brann Dailor, were really terrific to us. I had worked with Brann on yet another puppet project I’ll talk about later, and it was a grueling experience, yet he was as professional and friendly as could be.

Here is the video!


Next,I’ll show you some screencaps of what I did, and puppets that are mine:

Mastodon video 1

In this one, you can clearly see my little cyclops guy, Mo! I was operating him.

Mastodon video 2

I think my pal Melissa was operating my puppet called Dinky Donkey back there. And Shane Morton is in the giant green cyclops costume!

Mastodon video 3

This is a case of “my puppet is back there”–my wolf, Lonnie, is in the background. I am operating someone else’s puppet in the foreground. It’s the red one. Several explosions happened here!

Mastodon video 4

The red monster in the back is mine, although he doesn’t look like this anymore. That’s Duddey.

Mastodon video 5

Funnily enough I have a second donkey in this video–Tack, to the far left.


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