Art Therapy with Seniors

For the past few years I have been working as a sort of art therapist, traveling to assisted living facilities and teaching hour-long art workshops. If you are interested in my services, I can offer references from Homestead Hospice, where I also worked part-time.

Art Workshops are $30 for an hour session. On occasion I may need to add just a little for mileage just because of distance(I live in Lawrenceville).

Daisy painted by senior art therapy student

Daisy painted by senior art therapy student


Workshops I teach/assist include:

Pencil drawing(learning about negative space and different pencil darknesses too)

Watercolor(often we complete a simple flower or bird)

Pastels and Oil Pastels(simple like crayon drawing, but a bit more sophisticated)

Marker/crayon coloring(mostly for memory care in which I draw anything the student wishes, then let them color as they please)

Fingerprint character cartoons (these encourage being silly!)


Q Tip Painting(painting with tiny dots)

Colored Pencil


and various craft projects, sometimes seasonal.




I have experience with Memory Care residents as well and often work with them through Homestead, where I perform puppets for them or do much simpler workshops, tailored to what their abilities are.


Please contact me at if you would be interested in art therapy in your assisted living facility or personal care home.

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