Cam and Friends: Older Cartoons

This cartoon’s name used to be “All My Children Breathe Fire” and I kept internally calling the characters “Cam and Friends”, so finally I bit the bullet and changed it.

Anyone out there?

On Christmas Eve, I had a shoulder replacement. Here is my initial x-ray to see why I was having years and years of shoulder pain. It reveals that I had two bone spurs, a lot of osteoarthritis, and the ball on my humerus was worn flat. Years of hard work taking care of animals, plus puppetry—many hours with my arms up over my head, and sometimes using puppets that were way too heavy to begin with—took their toll. The exhaustion of performing just became too great and I truly just pulled away for a few years.
initial x ray

But now I’m back, it’s a new year, and we are in the middle of Coronavirus Quarantine. My husband and I work out of our home anyway, so nothing has changed too much, but now, people are looking for things to view online, and I am thinking maybe it’s at last time to dust off the puppets and work on that online show I have always wanted to do, and started and dropped and started and dropped over and over.


Now is the time!

Back to Building!!

After a long absence, I finally started building puppets again. I have a little bit better ways of working and scheduling myself now which has made things tons easier.
I was getting very burned out on my art therapy with seniors after dealing with many, many deaths. I think that is all I want to say about that.

My first new commission was for my dear old friend Brett Roberts, who I have made several little puppets for before.  He wanted a miniature, puppet version of the character Honk seen in the old 1970s show Far Out Space Nuts.

Honk was a full body suit character played by Patty Maloney, and I really like the character, so I was happy to do this one.

Honk pic1

Here is the original character,

Honk finished.jpg

And my puppet version! Beep beep!