Pinson Spriggs and the Greenscreen!

Dear Little Pinson Spriggs (a caricature of my husband, in his Rebel Legion X-Wing Pilot costume) has been enlisted to fight the Warriors of Greenscreen!!
Actually, I am providing puppetry services for an independent film/music video, and today I was called in with a couple of requested puppets in my troupe to do some test footage. The producer hasn’t dealt with puppets before but was very keen on using mine, so we ran some puppets through their paces and the post-production team will sort out what they can and can’t do or something of that sort. I’m just the puppeteer!



The Making of Yoda

I myself am making a Yoda puppet; it will be used in our Star Wars costuming group appearances, but mainly for a parade at Christmas time. The friend who commissioned this piece has been superb in sending me reference material, including this gem (although very hard on the eyes) of a website, all about the crafting and manipulation of Yoda for the Star Wars movies:

Nick Maley continues his insights into the creation of the STAR WARS creatures —-the making of Yoda.