A Tour of Southern Ghosts

Happy Halloween from Misty and Me!

This is an old pic, but Misty and I wanted to thank everyone for coming out to A Tour of Southern Ghosts this year!

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Boo, Y’all!


Reposted from Dragon Patch TV: Misty Sketch!

Halloween SB 2015 9_15_ 2015 _0001

Misty is one of my most favorite puppet characters to perform and a delight to draw. Saturday night, The Tomato Gang and I were sitting in¬†Joanne and Jason’s living room watching Back to the Future. I had my Halloween 2015 Sketchbook on me and since I can’t sit still anymore without drawing, I was scribbling away as I enjoyed the movie. The end result should make for a few entertaining posts.


Misty has a button now that I am hoping to sell at  A Tour of Southern Ghosts this year. Wish me luck!