Silver Scream Spook Show–Gruno and Gliz’s Costumes

We haven’t been able to be in the Spook Show for a while as it hasn’t been able to be in its usual venue–long story. But, I do have lots of fun mementos and photos, including the rather extensive collection of costumes that Gruno and Gliz have accumulated. Here are a few:


Triumph Visits Occupy Wall Street!

Now, while I keep most of my puppetry work “all ages”, I do enjoy adult puppetry and a do a bit every now and then, keeping the genres carefully separated.

One of the more mature adult puppetry bits I can’t get enough of is Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog.He recently covered Occupy Wall Street. Enjoy. 🙂

Puppatoons’ First Over-18 Entry.

I feel I must talk about Isabella Rosselini’s Green Porno, an inventive and sometimes comical look at the way insects and other little creepy-crawlies “make love”,utilizing puppetry and costumes and minimal scenery. It is often quite graphic in its no-nonsense portrayal (such as a male bee’s reproductive organs being ripped off in mating), but I have to admit, I learned quite a lot. It’s educational for adults, dangit.

Some of the eight acts include:


The Worm,


The Bee,


The Mantis,


and The Fly.

I won’t reveal any more; the best way to get a full grasp is to watch the very short films in the series.

~buzzes out~