Creepy Things..










I can be shock/startle frightened as much as anyone. Jump out at me when I’m not expecting it,and sure, my weak bladder tells the tale.Sometimes I wonder,though,if my love of the horror genre at an early age desensitized me significantly. There’s plenty of things I would readily call gross or depraved,but there is not a whole lot in special effects that I find truly scary.I had this revelation when I was thinking of the only comic book I’ve ever owned,which I begged Mother to buy me so I would have something to read while I waited for her at the hairdresser. I can’t remember the title and it’s long been packed away,but it’s very violent and graphic,about some jungle explorers who stumble upon a village ruled by a shaman who can leave his body to invade the bodies of huge tarantulas and pythons to kill outsiders(I think I’m close to the description anyway). 
Oh,don’t get me wrong; there is much to enjoy in today’s scary movies and the tacky old B movies and everything in between,but folks,but putting on a corset, and crawling around, with vampire teeth and colored contact lenses just ain’t gonna do it for me. Well, unless you’re a guy. That might be pretty funny.


DEE Station.

My husband and I got into the show LOST a bit late, but we quite enjoyed it; other than my wanting to punch Kate in the mouth every other episode and…well,I wasn’t too fond of the ending. But in true LOST spirit, we created our own station for Mo(<<<<click for a video), the “DEE” station, as that is the main unit of Mo’s vocabulary.

DEE station

“The Violet Thing” and Carson

A few weeks ago, I made some puppets for someone. This was one, included as a freebie:

I called it The Violet Thing, and I got very attached to it.  I hated to send it away.

So I decided to make a new one. This time I might even jazz it up with a furry neck, using some very crazy-patterned fur I got from my pal Jill in a fur trade.

This was the result of my doodling:

Haven’t started it yet, but you can see most of the same features—-the little corkscrew feelers on top of the head, the long tongue,multicolor pompom nostril bumps, and wide eyes. His name is Carson, because, well..I have this idea about keeping him in the car and entertaining my fellow saps stuck at red lights. He is also named for my pal Brian Carson of Creatures Inspired.

Secret Project #2! Black Bunny!

Our friend “Annabella Griffin”,costuming expert and pirate fanatic, also loves black rabbits(which, oddly enough, is something I’ve always liked ever since reading about them in the old Pinocchio story).Anyway, her lifetime animal theme has been black bunnies, even her fictional pirate ship, hence the blog and the awesome Black Bunny Pirate Flag:

So this year for her birthday I decided to make her a little Black Bunny hand puppet. Steering away from my usual “muppet” or “mouth puppet” style, I took a more traditional path and made a glove puppet.

This is pretty much why you do not make black characters for screen and stage performance. You really can’t see much detail on the little guy, but for displaying in her home it’s okay, of course. His body is made from a calico fabric that has black and gray swirls, very Nightmare Before Christmas-ish,while his head and paws are black fleece. He had cute little black beady eyes, but on a whim I stuck pink googly ones on, and loved the result.
The reveal! I think she liked him.:)
Here’s the card I made!

Another Card!

I really wished I would have scanned this. But we were about to leave for Kyle’s birthday party,  I was about to stuff the card in the envelope, and I had already turned off my computer. So I just took a photo of the card and hoped for the best. Came out a little blurry. 😦


The inside reads: Happy Birthday to a swell guy.

Don’t ask me how the candle on the cupcake stays lit underwater….;)