Unleash the Penguins!

For a while now,I’ve wanted to create some all-purpose characters that could be used in storytimes, parties, walkaround entertainment, workshops, etc., but I could never quite settle on one type of puppet that could handle everything. While watching a clip of Muppetvision 3D, it finally came to me; penguins. The Muppet penguins have always cracked me up, and I sort of like the idea of having a small mob of characters only I can tell apart. So far I have plans to make four;that way several penguins can all have costumes on and ready to go, and friends and husband can operate them for a group scene if anything were to be filmed or for a live presentation of some sort and it would be great.

The first one made is Hester Jane; she made her debut yesterday reading a book of
“Rapunzel” to some kids at a preschool, and she was a huge hit in her long blond wig that she wore for the first half of the story.

Next up penguins are: Winifred,Neville, and Algernon.

“Most Talented” and “Most Creative”

Well,I don’t know if I lived up to this or not, but it was pretty cool being chosen for this. This is me and my buddy Alex in the Senior Edition of our high school (Tucker High, Class of ’89)newspaper (we were actually part of its staff), chosen as “Most Talented” and “Most Creative”, but I’ve never really known who was who.:)

I’m holding one of my old puppets, Benmont, who is a cockatoo with a smart little bow tie.


Turkey Puppets!

A great addition to Axtell’s line of birds is their crazy-looking turkey.

A host of Eurovision is Dustin the Turkey.

And of course, what Thanksgiving Turkey Puppet Tribute would be complete without The Swedish Chef?



Goldie the Parrot is going to be an example of a puppet I can make for commissions–a perched parrot on your arm, with a fake “illusion” arm extending beyond. I thought of making her totally at the last minute¬† and started her late Thursday afternoon. I won’t finish her in time to take her to Dragon Con as a completed sample,but I think as she is she would be fun to take anyway. She still needs her feet, and of course, the arm. Tomorrow¬† I’m going to make a quick tiny pirate hat to go on her fluffy yellow head, and she’ll go as-is.


Goldie was intended to be a Double Yellow-Headed Amazon, the first kind of parrot I ever wanted(I got two conures instead). I kept adding color, though, so she is a little more elaborate than her South American brethren. Her beak was also much more curved before the fabric went on, so I’m not quite certain what happened there. Hmph.

She is named after my favorite storebought puppet I had as a child, which I will make a post about later.:)

No Turnerween this year.:(


Well, drat. We’ve been told that this year there won’t be a Trick-or-Treat on Turner Street, which is our big Halloween gala that we help with at Turner Studios, where some of my group (and I, previously) are employed. I’m so disappointed, because this year I hoped to really do something fun with the puppets. But, who knows what could happen between now and then; there’s a couple of Halloween venues I’ve been exploring.

Anyway, one of my ideas involved both Steve and me, working as a team. The idea was to have two vultures sitting on a tombstone, either greeting guests as they came in, or bidding them goodbye as they left. Steve was all for it, too. But alas, it is not to be this year.

The Aflac Duck.


The Aflac Insurance Duck is voiced by Gilbert Gottfried and created by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop.The duck concept and all of the commercials to date have been created by Kaplan Thaler Group, an advertising agency based in New York City. Struggling to come up with a concept to make the big but relatively obscure insurance company’s name memorable, one of the agency’s art directors stumbled upon the duck idea while walking around Central Park at lunchtime uttering, “Aflac, Aflac.” He soon realized how much the company’s name sounded like a duck’s quack. The Aflac Duck character has now starred in more than 30 commercials.(source: Wikipedia)