Filming Today.


My online-show-in-the-making, Go to Your Room, features a puppet building section called “Caution: Puppets Ahead”, and I had filmed an episode already, but thought I could do better, and filmed something else entirely. I still would rather have a proper background and lighting, but I have got to go on and dive in and just do this even if everything isn’t perfect right now. I was rather pleased with this first episode, entitled “The Three L’s–Look, Lip Synch, and Live”.

The Non-Toxic Socks!

Long ago I made a bunch of sock puppets for a project. For reasons I can’t remember, the project never happened. I found half the puppets in storage and I am using them for my new online show I am working relentlessly on at the moment. Would you like to meet them? They call themselves The Non-Toxic Socks.


Bleach Meets Jesse.

Just outside the castle at the Magic Kingdom, our group of friends met up after going our separate ways for the day, and Jesse got to meet Bleach for the first time. Which is rather amazing, considering how he chose to greet the little sock reporter.

I apologize for the insanely loud background noise.There was some really intense and cheesy show going on at the castle.

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